Working With Us

Whilst our services are offered in modules of support, we set out to establish a long term, supportive relationship with our clients.

We are ourselves a non-profit, and our mission is to help others make an impact in their community.

Our profits are redistributed back in to the community in the form of grants to help other individuals who maybe have an idea to make a social impact, but as yet, can’t afford to show the potential. These grants are offered through competitions through the year.

Here are just two of our clients that have been working with us since we set out, and the
impacts we are making together.

JC Foundation Trust (Salford)

JCFT runs a social cohesion project in Salford near Manchester. The Salford community is one of the most diverse in the UK, but also one of the most deprived areas. The community regularly experiences challenges around public health, employment and housing, along with unwanted racism and prejudice.

Our work started with JCFT in 2019, when we helped them secure Lottery Funding to continue their community clinics and online social networking for the community. We are continuing to work with the Founder to develop their strategy into an expanded community impact approach and commercialised income stream. Both should see the continued growth and sustainability of the Trust.

“Rob was excellent to work with, quick to respond, very knowledgeable and helpful, will
use again most definitely”. Jay – Founder of JCFT, Nov 2019.

Positive Network (London)

Positive Network is an inter-generational organisation that aims to improve community cohesion. It’s activities are multi-cultural and diverse and are delivered in partnership with the voluntary, statutory, business and community sector. As an organisation, they provide a range of activities that increase the independence of older people whilst developing and supporting a learning platform for younger people. Alongside these types of activities, Positive Networks also delivers outreach projects to increase community cohesion.

Founded by Grace over 12 years ago, we have worked with her to develop her future growth business plan and financial model, as well as establishing her grant fundraising calendar. Through this work completed over December and January, we were able to respond to emergency grants offered due to the impacts of the Coronavirus. The foundations of the Business Plan, and a clear project opportunity, meant that an application for funds was created and submitted within days.

“A+ business plan and would recommend”. Grace – Founder of Positive Networks, March 2020

Next Steps?

We want to make working with us as easy as possible for you, and we hope our support will help you to create a sustainable organisation making huge impacts through your mission and work.

Our services are structured to provide clarity of what we offer, with no commitment or tie in after the completion of stage 1.

Beyond this we are always open to creating a bespoke service at low costs, to ensure as much of your valuable resources as possible are used to support your mission.

A summary of our cost structure

Stage 1:

  • Business Plan, Financial Model, Funding Calendar £150

Stage 2:

  • Grant Applications 5% WIN ONLY FEE
  • Sponsorship Pitch Deck £150
  • Expanded Volunteer Strategy and Implementation Plan £150


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the support we can offer you.